26 big ideas for 200 000 jobs

We have proudly launched a Clean State Jobs Plan that sets out an ambitious program of action on climate change and job creation in Western Australia. Together these 26 initiatives will create 200,000 new jobs, drive down climate pollution and make WA a fairer, safer and cleaner place to live and work.

We consulted with community leaders, industry experts and locals from all walks of life. Everyone agrees now is our state’s best chance to build back better with initiatives that create jobs, cut carbon emissions, and address problems in WA like homelessness and housing affordability, traffic congestion, and schools resourcing. Recent polling shows 85% of Western Australians support stronger action on climate change and our jobs plan proves that the economic benefits will be enormous. 

Beeliar Primary School Principal Louise O’Donovan said Clean State’s Bright Sparks’ solar schools plan from an economic view was a “win-win”.

“We can save $30,000 a year, which could go into extra education aides and more resources for the school. From an environmental point of view reducing emissions through solar power would be ideal, as our goal is to be carbon neutral,” she said.

At the evening launch, Dr Vanessa Rauland from Climate Clever echoed Principle O’Donovan’s enthusiasm for the plan saying “Schools are perfectly placed for solar, we use our energy during the day… If we have storage capacity then at night and on school holidays we could supply power to the community.”

There are so many business and community leaders like Vanessa already leading the way with these exciting jobs initiatives and over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing many more climate action stories. You can be a part of the story too by joining us as a community advocate.

WA is at a critical junction. We can follow a so-called gas-led recovery to a dead end, or we can build a sustainable future together with good health and jobs for everyone.


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