A housing essential for every home

Winter is a challenging time for many people who live in social housing. Social housing is twice as likely to be uninsulated, making people sick. Every year, the deaths of 10,000 Australians are attributable to cold. 60% of low-income families go without heating, in order to be able to afford their power bill.

Stephen King and Australian Insulation Foundation (AIF) has a bold plan to change this. 

AIF is on a mission to provide free thermal ceiling insulation for all social housing tenants across WA. Ceiling insulation is a housing essential, it’s what every home should provide.

Can you give $24 to help install insulation in the homes of families who need it most?

Installing ceiling insulation is the fifth toughest job in the world but Stephen loves the work because reducing household energy costs and making homes warm in winter saves lives. Stephen says “community members may also be surprised to learn how big an impact home insulation can have on reducing carbon emissions.”

This winter, Stephen, AIF and the Clean State team are asking you to give $24 to crowdfund Australian Insulation’s 28th free insulation install on an Innaloo-based social housing home.

Every $24 donated will guarantee to install 2 square metres of thermal insulation.

We’ve already raised half the total thanks to the generous efforts of volunteers organising two-weekend sausage sizzle fundraisers.

The installation service will include removal of old insulation, a vacuum and install of new R4 Earthwool. Just last month Stephen made a special trip to Geraldton to install insulation for two social housing tenants. The building temperature improved overnight!

Please join us in supporting Australian Insulation Foundation. Together we can demonstrate the magic of insulation and show community support for climate action initiatives.


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