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ABC’s Four Corners exposes the gap between Australia’s climate aspirations and the stark reality of LNG emissions

This week’s Four Corners program has highlighted why facing the climate change challenge should be the central concern of every decision maker in the nation. However, amongst the states, Western Australian Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a major cause of Australia’s rising emissions, and is undermining our national capacity to meet the Paris agreement. Ahead […]

EPA policy news in the media

Here are some news articles and media releases examining the LNG industry and the recent policy withdrawal by the EPA on their greenhouse gas guidance here in Western Australia. We recommend having a read of the following articles to find out more about interesting points in the debate, like just how many jobs are actually created by […]

WA Government announces EPA withdrawal on climate policy

The Premier Mark McGowan has today announced that the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has withdrawn their Air Quality Guidance which required the state’s biggest polluters to avoid, reduce and offset their emissions. Only hours after hosting a round-table discussion with WA LNG companies and peak industry representatives, Premier Mark McGowan announced the sudden withdrawal of […]

Clean State welcomes new Climate Policy from the Environmental Protection Authority

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has today released a new Air Quality Guidance which will put stronger obligations on fossil fuel companies to reduce and manage greenhouse gas emissions produced in Western Australia. The outcome will be a ‘zero net emissions’ approach which will stimulate significant employment in industries that can reduce pollution and generate carbon […]

OECD Review highlights need for action on pollution from WA gas processing

A newly-released OECD Review of Australia’s Environmental Performance has singled out WA’s growing LNG industry as a primary driver of Australia’s rising carbon pollution, noting that the ‘rapid increase in emissions’ from this sector has offset savings made elsewhere in Australia’s electricity sector, due to the closure of coal-fired power stations. The report is a […]

Taskforce can unlock thousands of jobs by tackling LNG pollution

Clean State has called on the LNG Jobs Taskforce to focus on the huge job creation opportunities that are immediately available in WA, by LNG companies addressing their rapidly rising carbon pollution. The LNG sector is WA’s largest polluter, and growth in this pollution is putting Australia’s international obligations under the Paris Agreement at risk. […]

The Guardian Australia report series: A looming crisis

The Guardian Australia reports, “the booming LNG industry is behind Australia’s expanding emissions rates, yet it is all but forgotten in the national debate on climate policy.”  Taking a closer look at why this is a problem-in-waiting both domestically and internationally, in a series of environmental reports, is The Guardian’s Adam Morton. 23 Nov 2018: […]

Report reveals action on LNG pollution would unlock thousands of new jobs in WA

Clean State WA has released independent analysis from RepuTex Energy, revealing around 4,000 new jobs would be created in land management, renewable energy, and other industries if the state government reinstated and strengthened conditions requiring WA’s largest polluters to offset greenhouse gas emissions. With a focus on offsetting growing pollution from liquefied natural gas (LNG) […]

Chevron’s pollution delays costing jobs and the environment

The state’s peak environment group has renewed its call for WA’s biggest polluter to comply with Ministerial Conditions on its giant Gorgon LNG processing facility, saying that its refusal to ‘offset’ its carbon pollution was harming the environment and costing jobs in clean industries. Today’s West Business reported that Environment Minister Stephen Dawson would give […]