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Clean State is all about co-creating climate action solutions for Perth and regional communities. Governments at all levels need to be doing so much more but the efforts of individuals, households and workplaces can help make all the difference. We need to start somewhere and that somewhere can start with each of us. 

The local Fremantle startup ClimateClever is one of a growing number of WA social enterprises making that start. ClimateClever has developed an innovative, online platform which helps Homes, Schools and Businesses to take action on climate change. We are excited to formally partner with ClimateClever and offer all Clean State supporters a 50% discount on the apps.

Get 50% off the ClimateClever Apps  

The ClimateClever Apps help you to accurately calculate your carbon footprint using real life data, audit your appliances and choose from a growing list of low carbon actions to help you reduce your carbon emissions AND save money on utility bills! 


Our new Partnership means we can offer you 50% off their Home App (normally $30/year) via this link.


If you know a school that might be interested (maybe your children’s school?!), they can also get 50% off the ClimateClever Schools Program via this link.


ClimateClever will be launching a Business version in early 2021. You can pre-sign up to the App here and get 50% off in the lead up to the launch in February.

Gift Certificates

If you are looking for a sustainable gift (one that won’t end up in landfill), ClimateClever have Gift Certificates available. This year, you can give the gift of climate action! It’s a gift that will keep on giving all through 2021!

And if you still need some convincing, listen to an interview with ClimateClever co-founder Dr Vanessa Rauland about Solar Schools on episode 3 of the Clean State Podcast


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