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Case Study

Smart Justice Projects in WA

Olabud Doogethu, an Aboriginal community-designed Justice Reinvestment project in Halls Creek is considered the most advanced Justice Reinvestment project in WA, and provides culturally secure end to end support for at-risk individuals and families, guaranteed 12 month paid traineeships for every high school graduate in the Halls Creek region, intensive case management work, establishing a Youth Hub centre open from 3pm-8pm, and free entry into the Halls Creek Swimming pool,  has been credited with a 46% reduction in burglary offences and an observable reduction in anti-social behaviour.

 The Fairbridge Bindjareb Project provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in custody with mining industry training and 'real guaranteed jobs'. It also includes an 'intensive lifestyle development program' and focuses on reconnection to and respect of Aboriginal culture. A preliminary review found only 18% of participants returned to prison within two years of being released (compared to 40% for the general prison population recidivism rates), and 73% of participants had successfully gained and retained full-time employment 7 months post conclusion of the program. Independent analysis found the cost savings to the government for the first five intakes of the project was approximately $2.9 million.

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