Council elections, a key opportunity to keep climate action on the agenda

Local government elections give residents an important opportunity to ensure strong climate action remains a priority within their local council. 

With council elections around the corner, it is important to recognise the enormous strides councils have made in climate action and importantly, the critical role they play in reducing carbon emissions in years to come.

Clean State, an independent initiative advocating for clean jobs and a zero carbon economy for WA, encourages residents across WA to make their vote count on Saturday 16 October.

A substantial number of proactive climate solutions happening in communities across WA were made possible by the votes of elected representatives sitting inside council chambers.

  • 46 LGAs – representing 79 per cent of the WA’s population – have made a formal declaration on climate change
  • 30 councils have joined the national Cities Power Partnership
  • 10 councils have declared a climate emergency – Shire of Augusta Margaret River, Shire of Denmark, City of Fremantle, Town of East Fremantle, City of Kalamunda, Town of Victoria Park, City of Greater Geraldton, Shire of Mundaring, City of Swan, City of Vincent. (The City of Melville recently voted in favour of the declaration)

“Local governments have already achieved significant results by setting bold carbon emissions reduction targets and taking proactive steps such as increasing energy efficiency in council buildings and improving cycling infrastructure,” said Clean State spokesperson Luke Sweet.

“By taking strong climate action, councils are protecting the local environment, jobs and are building sustainable industries that are set to thrive and prosper for generations,” Mr Sweet said.

“Very often, these initiatives begin as community-led campaigns; community gatherings and petitions organised by residents, that eventually land in front of councillors for the green light.

“It’s fantastic to see councillors and council staff engaged with their communities and unafraid to set ambitious targets and take decisive action to combat climate change. 

“But there is much work to be done; we need strong leadership at all three levels of government and despite limited resources and funding, local government has been instrumental.”

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