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Email your MP

Email your MP

Send our Burrup Hub pollution report to your MP

Email your MP to raise your concerns about Woodside's plans for Australia's biggest and dirtiest fossil fuel project.

Over its 50-year lifetime, Woodside’s Burrup Hub will generate over 6 billion tonnes of carbon pollution from gas production, export, and combustion overseas. That is equal to 11x the total annual emissions for the entire of Australia.

Woodside's Burrup Hub project also requires over 50 wells drilled to extract oil and gas from beneath the pristine Scott Reef off the Kimberley coast, impacting endangered marine life in a globally significant biodiversity hotspot.

All of these issues and more are detailed in the Burrup Hub pollution report. We are asking you to send the report to your local Member of Parliament and tell them to reject Woodside's dangerous project. 

We support climate action and clean jobs for Western Australia!