How can WA’s Native Forest help solve Climate Change?

The WA Government is consulting the community on a new climate change policy for Western Australia. This forum, hosted by the Conservation Council of Western Australia, will explore the role that native forests can have in our response to climate change, and what policy and management changes will be required to manage forests as a natural ally in tackling climate change here in WA.

Western Australia’s native forests and woodlands store vast amounts of carbon and these natural systems continue to remove carbon from the atmosphere on an ongoing basis. This means our native forests can play a critical role in tackling climate change if managed in the right way. At the same time our forests are under threat from a warming and drying climate, and logging, burning and clearing releases the carbon stored in forest ecosystems back into the atmosphere.

Professor Brendan Mackey, Director, Griffith Climate Change Response Program will explain the benefits of keeping our native forests standing and their role in carbon storage and climate mitigation.

Jess Beckerling from WA Forrest Alliance will present on the current issues for Western Australian forests.

For anyone who cares about climate action & the protection of our native forests – this is a not to be missed event!

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