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The projects include:

  1. Northern Agricultural region projects including as seed collection teams with Aboriginal rangers, coast care, community weeding along waterways and regenerative agriculture (50+ jobs)
  2. Peel-Harvey Catchment projects including greening farms (100,000 seedlings planted), feral animal control, native seed banks, coastal weed and erosion control and restoring river health. (40 jobs)
  3. Rangelands region projects including sustainable livestock production, native seed collection, landscape -scale rehydration works, and prescribed burning that will employ more than 300 indigenous people
  4. South Coast region projects including restoring coastal habitats, seed collection and propagation with Aboriginal ranger teams, indigenous cultural site protection and weed and feral animal control (100+ jobs)
  5. South West Catchments projects including wheatbelt salt remediation and linkage, fire reduction, water quality, eco-tourism trails and bushfire recovery (400+ jobs);
  6. Wheatbelt region projects such as seed collection, river rat teams, feral animal control ranger teams, intensive weeding along waterways and in listed TECs and knowledge brokers (300+ jobs)
  7. Perth region projects including bushfire recovery, revegetation and tree planting, RAMSAR wetland habitat restoration works, dune repair along Perth’s coast, and river and creek line restoration (500+ jobs)

In addition, the Urban Bushland Council, representing over 70 local groups has proposed a Perth & Peel Science and Conservation Stimulus proposal outlining over 150 jobs in the following priority areas:

  1. Bush Forever management and protection (5 scientists in DBCA + 100 on ground bush-carers)
  2. A Forrestdale Education/Visitor Centre and DBCA base (14FTE)
  3. Employ scientists in the Threatened Species and Communities & Weed Science branches of DBCE and establish an ongoing group for Banksia Woodlands and Tuart Woodlands TECs (50FTE)
  4. Bushfire rehabilitation and fire risk management (20FTE)
  5. Fund the Saving Rare Orchids project proposal (10FTE)

The Proposal

  1. State and Commonwealth Governments commit $200m funding to commence the Conservation Stimulus projects delivered via the seven WA NRM Regions and the WA Landcare Network.
  2. Support the Perth and Peel Science and conservation Jobs stimulus proposal developed by the Urban Bushland council.

We support climate action and clean jobs for Western Australia!