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The proposal

Clean State advocates for the adoption of a Collie Transition and Development Plan that includes the following elements:

  1. Establish a WA Renewable Energy Target and timeline for the planned retirement of coal fired generation to give certainty to investors and the local workforce. 
  2. Establish a Collie TAFE campus to provide free re-training for coal workers in renewable energy, sustainable building materials, low-carbon manufacturing and other industries.
  3. Work with coal mining companies to develop and deliver progressive mine site rehabilitation plans in consultation with the local community.
  4. Where possible, utilise mine site landforms and infrastructure for beneficial local community uses and economic opportunities such as aquaculture, recreation and ecosystem restoration.
  5. Examine the potential for coal mining voids to be utilised as a waste management facility to receive lithium processing waste from Kemerton and other minerals processing facilities in the southwest.
  6. Work with the Forest Products Commission to establish a second large scale native plant nursery in Collie, to provide seedlings for the carbon farming industry and for Collie mine rehabilitation. 
  7. Call for expressions of interest for the development of a pumped hydro and storage battery project utilising coal mine voids.
  8. Partner with the Forest Products Commission to establish a sustainable timber building materials production, research and innovation hub based on plantation timber resources. (See separate proposal).
  9. Partner with private industry to build a world class processing facility for engineered wood products and prefabricated structural applications in Collie.
  10. Continue to invest in the Collie Adventure Trails initiative and support marketing of Collie as a world-class an off road and adventure cycling destination.
  11. Develop a WA Renewable Energy Common User Facility in the Southwest to maximise local value capture in manufacturing and installation of renewable energy technology.
  12. Commission a feasibility study into low carbon cement manufacturing in the Collie region.
  13. Support the proposal for a quick-start green aluminium smelter in Collie.
  14. Provide assistance to restart the Aboriginal-led marron farm in Collie.

We support climate action and clean jobs for Western Australia!