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At the heart of any major transformation is community.

Strong leadership is essential, but what happens on the ground – in our towns, cities, suburbs, regions – is key to tackling climate change in Western Australia.  

Communities help WA to achieve sustained change because:    

  • It’s where the solutions like community batteries, restoration projects, and urban greening are implemented  
  • It’s where the workforce is – designing, engineering, building WA’s future 
  • Communities are directly impacted by the actions of government. Whether it’s improving the grid, building a bike path or approving fossil fuel projects – for the better or worse, all decisions impact everyday people and their community  
  • Locals know their local patch the best! When it comes to redesigning our state to be more sustainable – local knowledge is invaluable   

Are you working on a climate solution? Are you trying to set up a group in your neighbourhood? Do you want to learn more about actions you can at home, work or school? Whatever your background or wherever you are on your net-zero journey, your voice matters.

West Aussies all over the state want stronger action on climate action – and thousands are doing something about it. There are many ways you can make your voice heard and by joining others in your community it’s your first step towards real change.

Get in touch to find out how you can connect with others in the Clean State community!


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