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The Solutions!

The Solutions!

Here in WA our carbon pollution is rising out of control, but we can do so much better. Real action on climate change will deliver thousands of new jobs and opportunities as we become part of the global solution. These are our big goals for a comprehensive state-wide policy on climate change.

Permanently protect natural carbon stores

Permanently protect natural carbon stores in WA’s forests and other ecosystems, and rapidly transition away from native forest logging and clearing. 

According to the IPCC, reducing deforestation and forest degradation is one of the most effective options for climate change mitigation. Western Australia can play a significant role in reducing global warming by protecting and restoring our extraordinarily carbon dense and biodiverse forests. WA’s forests, especially our wet eucalypts store more carbon than the Amazon or Congo. Yet our forests continue to be threatened...

Support climate adaptation programs and partnerships

Support climate adaptation programs and partnerships, including with Aboriginal people and communities, farmers, local governments, businesses and other sectors.

WA currently lacks comprehensive, effective adaptation planning. Clean State notes Victoria and the ACT have exemplary Adaptation strategies. The ACT’s Adaptation strategy, is based on predicted climate hazards including floods, drought, heatwaves and bushfires, and includes a suite of 27 actions to increase resilience and reduce risks in ACT’s community.

Clean State acknowledges climate change impacts and risks are inequitably distributed. First Nations communities, particularly in regional and remote areas and...

Learn more about WA gas pollution

The runaway emissions of WA's LNG industry have gone largely unnoticed in Australia's national debate on climate change, but they can no longer be ignored.

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We support climate action and clean jobs for Western Australia!