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Hold WA’s biggest polluters to account.

Hold WA’s biggest polluters to account. Require companies to reduce emissions and offset their climate damage by investing a portion of profits in clean industries, carbon farming and renewable energy.

Currently our biggest polluters are emitting millions of tonnes of pollution each year, without any controls at all. Just 10 facilities in WA are responsible for 52% of our pollution, and they’re owned by just 6 corporations.

Clean State’s Runaway Train report showed that WA’s LNG industry is the state’s largest single polluter, and the fastest growing pollution source in Australia. At full production WA’s five LNG facilities will emit more than 32 million tonnes of greenhouse gas, equivalent to 36% of WA’s total annual emissions. Pollution from WA’s LNG facilities is 2.5 times higher than WA’s coal fired power stations. If controls are not placed on the growing emissions from the LNG industry, there is no change we will meet our Paris commitments.

Clean State categorically rejects the dangerous and misleading claim that “LNG can displace higher emissions fuels...reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the export of fuels and minerals”. Gas is still a fossil fuel and elevated methane levels negate any claimed advantage over coal. Gas is also highly polluting: every tonne of LNG emits around 2.8 tonnes of carbon pollution when combusted overseas.

Clean State has strongly advocated for the direct emissions from WA’s largest existing polluters be offset here in WA (in line with the mitigation hierarchy of avoid and reduce emissions first.) The development of a carbon offset market in Western Australia would create massive economic opportunities for investment and job creation across the state, particularly in pastoral communities, as well as co-benefits to biodiversity, landscape protection and water quality.

An independent study by RepuTex Energy found that offsetting the pollution from the LNG industry would create 4,000 jobs in reforestation, rangeland regeneration, Savanna burning, and renewable energy, with the largest portion of jobs in the South West and Southern Rangelands5. It’s estimated it would only cost the LNG industry 2% of its profits to fully offset its climate damage through a WA offsets fund. Targeting the state’s biggest polluters is an absolute priority for our Climate policy. Delaying or blocking efforts to introduce and enforce emissions reductions requirements will make the Paris goal impossible.

We support climate action and clean jobs for Western Australia!