Insulation is an investment that pays for itself

Half-way through our second winter in our new home, I knew something had to change. My sons and I would be up before dawn, and, despite being dressed for winter, they would stay under a blanket while I made breakfast for them – and we’d still need our gas heater running on its lowest setting.

Keeping the blinds open during the day and closing them at sunset wasn’t enough to warm the house up, and the idea of running the heating on maximum filled me with dread as an environmentalist. At the same time, I was concerned for the health of my young sons – I didn’t want them catching colds every winter.

I then had the good fortune of seeing Stephen King and Ramandeep Singh Virdi from the Australian Insulation Foundation at work in Rockingham.

The AIF has provided insulation instalments for at least 20 social housing homes this year, free of charge.

Stephen King and his offsider, volunteer Ramandeep Singh Virdi, who is studying a Masters in Community Development at Murdoch University.

Knowing that the AIF’s paid work gave them the ability to deliver insulation to WA’s battlers, I contacted them through their website and asked for a quote. Within a few days Stephen and his colleague Tyrell visited and insulated our 93sqm home in a surprisingly short time, at an incredibly reasonable cost. The difference was instantly noticeable. Stephen used our manhole to enter the roof so they didn’t even need to take roof tiles off and got the job done without leaving a mess.

My sons commented on it as soon as I brought them home from school, and guests remarked on the difference as well.

We no longer run a heater at any time of day, even when it is extremely cold outside (by Perth standards!).

Our quality of life has gone up, and our carbon footprint and living costs have gone down. Insulation is an investment that pays for itself, and gives us an opportunity to contribute to the fight against climate change.

Written by Giovanni Torre

Clean State’s buildings jobs plan is endorsed by the Australian Insulation Foundation


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