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Dear Premier Mark McGowan, Treasurer Ben Wyatt, and Minister for Environment Stephen Dawson,

We write to you as you prepare one of the most important State Budgets in recent history. 

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Western Australia is expected to put as many as 140,000 Western Australians out of work and a national recession is almost certain.1 

Around the world, we are seeing governments designing some of the biggest economic stimulus packages seen in peacetime in response to the health and economic impacts from COVID-19. 

Can we use this opportunity to solve three crises at once? 

We commend your response to the COVID-19 crisis so far.  

As we move from the health and economic crisis phase into one of economic stimulus and recovery, we encourage you to address the health, economy, and climate crisis together.   

We strongly advocate that any COVID-19 stimulus and recovery package should include measures that can both quickly stimulate job creation and economic recovery and align with our commitment to net-zero by 2050. 

The economic case for a low-carbon stimulus package 

Economists and policy experts are making compelling arguments on how responding to coronavirus with low-carbon investments is the best option to help economies recover.2 3 4 

The World Resources Institute5 is one of many expert bodies advocating for a global ‘build back better’ response, highlighting opportunities for “shovel-ready,” job-creating, high-efficiency, low-carbon infrastructure. We echo this approach.   

There is compelling evidence that low carbon stimulus measures will maximize the chance of a strong recovery, including lessons from previous economic stimulus packages. 

Research by Clean State demonstrates far more jobs are created in low carbon industries than conventional or fossil fuel-based areas for the same amount invested (Figure 1).   

According to the World Resources Institute,  in response to the Global Financial Crisis of 2009, South Korea allocated 80% of its stimulus package ($31 billion) to ‘green’ measures which created 960,000 jobs and resulted in a much faster rebound than the OECD average, with 2.8% GDP growth reported in just three quarters. Both Korea and the EU have already announced a green post-coronavirus recovery. 

More than ever before, we have an opportunity to invest in a sustainable future for WA. 

Western Australia is uniquely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, yet also in one of the best positions in the world to contribute to mitigation and adaptation efforts. 

Through taking action on climate change we can deliver thousands of sustainable jobs in clean industries for Western Australia. And the good news is that West Australians already have the skills, expertise, and resources to make it happen. 

We urge you to use the 2020/21 Budget response to set a new course. 

We can rebuild and renew our economy by prioritizing jobs and packages consistent with a zero-carbon future. 

This is our opportunity to stimulate and reboot our economy, accelerate climate action and help vulnerable households as we’re rebuilding a more robust & resilient state.  

West Australians know that our future lies in clean jobs not polluting industries like fossil gas and the time has come for a jobs recovery plan that takes care of people and the planet. 

On behalf of thousands of our members and supporters we urge you to include the following priorities in your 2020-21 Budget and in all longer-term stimulus and recovery plans: 

  1. A 100% renewable electricity target to reduce household power bills and spur billions in new investmentwith interim targets and prioritizing solar schools and small businesses. 
  2. A deep energy efficiency package that targets WA’s 40,000 social housing dwellings, installing rooftop solar, insulation, and energy and water-efficient appliances to drive down utility bills and make homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter. 
  3. Investment in a zero-carbon transport network, instead of just building more roads. This includes phasing in an electric bus fleet, planning and building Perth’s light rail (or trackless tram) network, rolling out electric vehicle infrastructure, and investing in bike paths and trails that will make our towns and cities the best place to live in the world. 
  4. Invest in low carbon technologies, innovation, and infrastructure in Agriculture, RD&E in regenerative farming practices and improving farmers’ access to carbon farming income.  
  5. Urgently invest in rural and regional fire and emergency services which are currently overstretched and over-relying on volunteers. 
  6. Making our biggest polluters responsible for their pollution by introducing a requirement to 100% offset the annual carbon emissions of WA’s LNG industry, creating 4000 jobs overnight. Offsets must be in WA and have environmental, social and cultural benefits.  
  7. Fully funding health and community services provided to First Nations communities, and prioritizing infrastructure gaps and clean energy in remote communities in any construction-focused stimulus package. Funding and capacity building in culture, conservation and science, expanding Indigenous Ranger programs, and boosting First Nations-led businesses and participation in adaptation and resilience, including carbon farming.
  8. A massive boost to conservation efforts to protect our carbon sinks and a commitment to transition out of native forestry into sustainable plantations and building products. 
  9. Funding for green infrastructure including urban forests through our cities and towns, to cool our streets and provide habitat for biodiversity. 
  10. A massive investment in our public sector, boosting resources in health, education, innovation and climate change, and a commitment to decarbonizing public services and becoming a carbon-neutral government by 2022. 

If our response uses this once in a lifetime opportunity to tackle the health, economic and climate crisis together, we can kickstart WA’s economy with thousands of clean jobs that take care of families and our climate.

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  • Travel Counsellors
  • Cirrus Link
  • Buteko Bar and Restaurant
  • Dermedica
  • Cordingleys Surf
  • White Sands Tavern
  • Astrolightspeed PTY LTD Trading as Astro Tours
  • Fervor
  • Broome Thyme
  • Perth Region Tourism Organisation
  • Futureproof
  • Ningaloo Bulk Foods
  • Ivy Vibe
  • The Side Door Restaurant
  • Regional Regeneration Alliance
  • Ewan Hall Building Design
  • Guardians of Happiness
  • Natural Temptation Cafe
  • Lava Art Glass
  • Kingspan Insulation
  • Anthologie
  • The Plant Organic
  • Get Ya Rocks Off Crystals
  • La Pause Miam
  • Gommes Shoes
  • Hillzeez
  • Melo Velo
  • Afez of the Heart
  • Sabotage

Civil Society

  • Melville City Climate Action Network
  • South Fremantle Bub Hub
  • Green Left
  • Enkel Collective
  • Climate Action Augusta Margaret River
  • Beyond Zero Emissions
  • Australian Architects Declare
  • DesignFreo
  • Perth
  • Australian Religious Response to Climate Change WA
  • Green Building Institute
  • 350 Australia
  • The Wilderness Society WA Inc
  • History Council of Western Australia
  • Hamilton Hill Community Group
  • Australian Insulation Foundation Ltd
  • Esperance Climate Action Group
  • Pontifex Family Trust
  • Il Mondo 2nd Hand Community Store
  • Conservation Council of WA
  • Biodynamic Soil Health
  • Friends of the Earth Perth
  • Stop Coal Seam Gas Blue Mountains
  • Perth Branch - Renew
  • Serpentine Jarrahdale Food and Farm Alliance Inc.
  • Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA)
  • The MensWork Project Inc
  • Friends of Pioneer Park
  • Citizens' Climate Lobby Australia