26 Big Ideas for 200,000 WA Jobs

Clean State Jobs Plan - Report

There has never been a more important time for WA to have a plan for jobs. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been significant and is likely to be felt across our community for years to come. To reboot our economy, and build back better, we need to have a plan. A plan that puts people and the planet at the centre.

On a global scale, we have entered the critical decade for addressing climate change, and Western Australia has a vital role to play. 

Western Australia can benefit significantly from the transition to a zero-carbon future.

The Clean State Jobs Plan is a comprehensive blueprint for creating over 200,000 jobs across Western Australia, developed as a contribution to the State Government’s COVID-19 economic recovery advisory panel.

The Clean State Jobs Plan sets out an ambitious program of action on climate change and job creation in Western Australia. Together these initiatives will create thousands of new jobs, drive down climate pollution and make WA a fairer, safer and cleaner place to live and work.

Working with more than 60 local and national industry experts from a range of sectors, Clean State has produced a plan to create carbon neutral jobs in housing and construction; education; tourism; agriculture; transport; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses; carbon abatement programs; manufacturing; waste management; and energy generation.

“Our proposals deliver on the triple bottom line – economic, environmental and social. We can create more than 200,000 new jobs, cut carbon emissions, and address problems in WA like homelessness and housing affordability, traffic congestion, and schools resourcing.

“Our plan will cut carbon emissions in WA by 66% by 2030, and create:

  • 30,000 ‘stimulus jobs’ in conservation, installation, construction and infrastructure every year for the next three years;
  • 100,000 permanent jobs by 2050, including over 6000 in manufacturing;
  • at least $3.8bn in economic benefits a year by 2030; and
  • an additional export revenue of almost $3billion in green steel by 2050.”

“These proposals are the product of many four months of collaborative research with industry experts from across our state.

“We need a fundamental shift in how we operate. Fossil fuels are low-job, high-pollution industries with no future. Clean energy and the care economy deliver a far greater return on investment in terms of job creation and revenue that stays right here, in Western Australia.

“Western Australia is at a critical junction. We can follow a so-called gas-led recovery to a dead end, or we can deliver what the people of our state need, and become a world leader in the growth industries of the future while we do it.”

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