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A Clean Jobs Target for WA

Action on climate change is already beginning to deliver thousands of jobs and exciting opportunities for businesses and workers in all sectors, providing real benefits for communities and working families across WA.

But we are only just getting started!

Our Clean State Jobs Plan developed with experts and stakeholders from every sector, demonstrates how practical action on climate change and the transition to a zero-carbon economy presents the most significant development opportunity in our state’s recent history.

Now we need a clear target to guide our efforts on climate change and jobs. That’s why Clean State is taking the next step to call for a state-wide Clean Jobs Target for Western Australia.

Action on climate change can include improving energy efficiency, repowering with renewable energy, using electric vehicles, embracing clean manufacturing or farming practices, and making many other changes that save money and create jobs.

Join with West Australians supporting a Clean Jobs Target to harness exciting opportunities for action on climate change and deliver at least 350,000 clean jobs for WA workers by 2025.

Sending this email to your local politician is a great way show your support for a clean jobs target that will deliver exciting opportunities for businesses and communities across WA and support workers in every sector.

For more information on a Clean Jobs Target for WA, read this helpful explainer article

We support climate action and clean jobs for Western Australia!