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Recovery projects portal

Clean State is partnering with the Conservation Council in a statewide search for new and innovative projects that can create jobs across WA while delivering action on climate change and the environment.

Many organisations have already endorsed our open letter to the Premier calling for a Clean State jobs recovery plan for WA.


Now, we are asking individuals, businesses and the broader community to submit your own ideas that can create jobs while contributing to at least one of the following outcomes:

  • Reduce carbon pollution or remove carbon from the atmosphere
  • Help switch to renewable energy, or reduce reliance on fossil fuels
  • Protect, restore and manage natural ecosystems
  • Support participation by Aboriginal Australians and value Aboriginal heritage and culture
  • Support sustainable vibrant communities, especially in regional and remote areas
  • Help communities in the transition away from reliance on fossil fuel industries.

Projects can be of any size, from a community garden or school project to a renewable energy plan for a region, or a statewide education program. They can be government-funded, community or business-driven, or can involve a mix of government, community and business working together.

Tell us about your idea or project via our online portal



If you have multiple to submit, use a new form for each one. Your personal details will not be published without your permission and you will retain all intellectual property and commercial rights to your ideas and proposals.

We aim to build a database of ideas and initiatives across our state that can make WA a better place to live and work while supporting action on climate change and the environment. We will help promote these ideas, pitch them to government and funders, and use them to connect people and organisations in new partnerships.

CCWA is represented on the McGowan Government’s COVID-19 recovery taskforce. We will use this opportunity to promote a Clean State recovery and the ideas you submit will help feed into this process.

Who are we?
Clean State is an independent non-profit initiative promoting jobs and climate action in WA. The Conservation Council of Western Australia is the state’s peak non-government independent community-based conservation organisation.

We support climate action and clean jobs for Western Australia!