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We don’t have to choose

There’s a lot of ‘this vs that’ in the air right now. Jobs vs Climate Change. Mining vs Renewables. Conservation vs Development. Left vs Right. But we think the best answers, the ‘real’ answers, aren’t black or white. And that’s why we’ve developed the Clean State Jobs Plan. 26 big ideas for 200,000 WA jobs, with an ambitious program of action on climate change and job creation.

So, if you’re tired of all the ‘this vs that’ out there, pledge your support today to help us create big answers for a big future.

It's all part of the plan

At Clean State, we see answers in the middle ground, combining the best of two approaches to create something new and better. Not by arguing, but by working differently. Together, we can help to make a massive change in WA, representing thousands of individuals and hundreds of businesses and organisations who are dedicated to solving our biggest problems with smarter solutions.

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