Podcast Episode 1: Launching the Clean State Podcast

Clean State has worked with industry experts and partners from across WA to develop a plan for over 200,000 jobs that will deliver action on climate change across many sectors including transport, building, manufacturing, conservation, and the care economy. This is the Clean State Jobs Plan.

Now we’re excited to be launching a podcast series to share the stories of inspiring WA leaders already going about achieving these climate action initiatives and the enormous opportunities that await. 

WA has such amazing resources, not only the sun and wind, but the people and ingenuity. With leadership from across our local communities we can take action on climate change now, not later. Subscribe to the Clean State podcast to hear stories from locals already getting the job done.

The podcast is freely available on all your favourite podcast apps and is produced and hosted by Anthony James, Perth-based creator of The RegenNarration podcast. We had a chat with Anthony to launch the series and we talk about the story behind the Jobs Plan and the pathway towards a cleaner and fairer WA. We hope you’ll enjoy the conversation and encourage you to rate and review the episode using your podcast app.

The opportunities arising from climate action must be shared and collaboration is a key theme of the Clean State podcast series.  We value participation from all parts of the community, government, and business in delivering local solutions for a zero-carbon future.


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