Media Release: 2021-22 WA budget signals promising shift towards clean jobs and climate action

Western Australia’s leading clean jobs initiative, Clean State, welcomes investment in clean jobs, renewable energy and sustainable industry within the 2021-22 State Budget.

Clean State spokesperson Luke Sweet said some of the measures within the budget signalled a promising shift toward climate action solutions and investment in the creation of clean jobs.

“The announcement of the $750 million Climate Action Fund is an encouraging sign that the McGowan Government recognises the value in protecting our environment and importantly, that Western Australians are calling for change,” Mr Sweet said. 

“The clean job investments we see in this budget is fantastic, and we welcome it, but it is a start and it is important to recognise there is much more to be done.

“With some of the best natural resources in the world, Western Australia is in a position to take a national lead on decarbonisation, sun, wind and wave energy technology, and green skilled jobs.

The State Government has announced it will be the first in Australia to end logging in native forests across the state by 2024.

“This is a landmark decision that provides an enormous opportunity to create new and sustainable jobs not only in conservation and tourism, but in the softwood timber industry, which is set to be expanded,” Mr Sweet said. 

“It is also exciting to see the government follow through with its election promise to boost the state’s fledgling renewable hydrogen industry. 

“The $61.5 million injection will support the development of the Oakajee Strategic Industrial Area as a renewable hydrogen hub, progress the Mid-West hydrogen activation and boost the State Government Renewable Hydrogen Unit.

Mr Sweet said the $875 million investment in social housing across the state was a much-needed win for families and could provide significant health improvements and lower household costs, however it is vital that new homes are fitted with the highest standard of energy-efficiency.  

“Energy intensive homes are expensive and we know that building homes to the highest energy standards saves families money and reduces health risks, especially during the hot and colder months. 

“A recent trial of rooftop solar on social housing homes saved households up to $200 in power bills, so we know it works.”

Clean State is an independent climate action initiative supporting clean jobs for Western Australia.

Media enquiries: 
Cheryl Balfour
0434 356 775

For more information:
The Clean State Jobs Plan – 26 Big Ideas for 200,000 jobs. A pathway to transition to clean jobs for Western Australia.


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