Media Statement: Aboriginal tourism plan to create more than 1,200 new jobs

Western Australia’s leading sustainable jobs group, Clean State, and the WA Indigenous Tourism Operators Council have launched an ambitious collaborative plan to create up to 1,240 new jobs in Aboriginal tourism.

The package, ‘Support & expand Aboriginal tourism and business development’, is part of Clean State’s comprehensive Jobs Plan to drive WA’s economic recovery, create jobs and cut carbon emissions.

It proposes the establishment of a centrepiece First Nations Cultural Centre in Perth, an additional five new Cultural Centres across five Western Australian regions, an expansion of the Camping with Custodians program, increased government investment in WAITOC, restored funding to the WA Aboriginal Tourism Academy, and Welcome to Country murals at every accredited visitor centre created by local Indigenous artists.

Clean State director of research and policy Chantal Caruso said the projects could directly create up to 1,240 jobs, and also encourage more tourists who are interested in unique experiences exploring the culture of Western Australia’s First Nations peoples.

“Research shows the vast majority of people who visit Western Australia want to experience Indigenous culture and learn more about Indigenous history.

“The Aboriginal tourism operators in our state offer something that can’t be experienced anywhere else in the world, and supporting these operators – and new emerging businesses – is an excellent way to help Western Australia on the road to economic recovery.”

WAITOC CEO Robert Taylor said the plan would have a huge positive impact on existing businesses as well as new start-ups.

“The state government’s own figures show that for every single dollar invested into Aboriginal tourism, $40 is created in economic benefits, flowing through to local families and communities,” he said.

The package is part of Clean State’s 26-project economic stimulus plan, which would create more than 200,000 jobs in Western Australia while also delivering much-needed infrastructure and cutting carbon emissions by two thirds by 2030.

Available for interview:

Robert Taylor, CEO, WAITOC

Chantal Caruso, Director of Research and Policy, Clean State

Media contact: Giovanni Torre – 0437 167 087


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