Media Statement: Infrastructure can lay the foundations for WA’s net zero emissions future

The climate action initiative Clean State has welcomed Infrastructure Western Australia’s (IWA) draft infrastructure strategy Foundations for a Stronger Tomorrow which identifies a major strategic opportunity for WA to address climate change and transition to a low carbon economy.

Clean State spokesperson Luke Sweet said the 20 year strategy opens the door for Western Australia to become a renewable energy super power across the Asia-pacific region creating thousands of future-ready jobs and achieving net zero carbon emission goals for the energy sector within the next decade.

Decisions being made about infrastructure today are decisions that will shape WA’s future.

“Western Australia already has the skills and expertise to harness the enormous opportunities that come with building big renewable energy projects backed with smart batteries. 

“We have an abundance of wind and solar resources in this state and now we have an infrastructure strategy recommending the need to make the most out of our natural advantage.

“There is a huge opportunity to create jobs and build on our natural advantages,  phasing out coal, oil and gas, and replacing these fossil fuels with clean and cheap renewable energy like solar, wind and wave power.

“As the world moves quickly to electrify industry and transport, WA is best placed to harness the opportunities in renewable hydrogen exports, battery manufacturing and electric vehicles.”

Mr Sweet said that: 

“Infrastructure influences 70% of Australia’s annual national carbon pollution.

“Climate change was identified by stakeholders as one of the highest priority issues for infrastructure throughout the Strategy development process. The draft strategy says WA’s industries and trading partners are moving fast to reduce emissions due to increasing financial risks of inaction.

“Not only does our infrastructure have a huge impact on carbon pollution, it is critical to managing the impacts of a changing climate.

“We are already seeing severe changes to our climate and communities need help to adapt. The infrastructure we build today needs to be resilient to a drying climate and extreme weather events like bushfires and cyclones that local communities have experienced in 2021.

“Western Australians overwhelmingly support strong action on climate change and incorporating sustainability principles and emission reduction strategies in all State Government decision making is popular, fair and needed.”

Infrastructure WA will be travelling the state from July to September to discuss Foundations for a Stronger Tomorrow its draft State Infrastructure Strategy as part of its public consultation process.

This is your opportunity to have your say! Public consultation on the draft Strategy provides an opportunity to refine and sharpen the recommendations, and identify any gaps.

Register here.


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