New H2Perth hydrogen and ammonia facility in Kwinana must be powered with renewable energy

Woodside’s new plans to establish a hydrogen and ammonia production facility in Kwinana is a step in the right direction for Western Australia’s clean energy transformation and must be powered with one hundred per cent renewable energy. 

Clean State Director Olivia Chapman said fossil fuel companies like Woodside must change strategy to focus on cutting pollution from existing operations and pursue alternative growth strategies like this new H2Perth project demonstrates is possible.

“Now is an opportunity for Woodside to invest in renewable energy and press pause on its plans to develop the Scarborough gas development which could become Australia’s most polluting fossil fuel project.”

“The International Energy Agency has clearly stated that if governments and corporations are serious about the climate crisis, there can be no new investments in oil, gas and coal from this year. That’s why the new H2Perth facility must be powered with one hundred per cent renewable energy.” 

“Renewable energy is now the cheapest form of energy to produce and WA has abundant solar and wind resources to lead the world in the clean energy transformation.”

“WA needs decisive climate action; and big renewable energy projects to drive clean industry investment and generate thousands of good paying jobs in our state.”

“Delays in building big renewables will only result in lost opportunity, investment and jobs.”

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