Our team​

Headshot of Olivia

Olivia Chapman


Having previously worked for Nesta (the UK's innovation agency for social good) the International New York Times and the BBC, I'm thrilled to be back in my home state leading the Clean State team. Western Australia is in a globally unique position to make the transition to net-zero - and in doing so, prove it can be done while supporting a resilient local economy. With a renewed focus on collaboration and data-driven insights, I aim to help Clean State make WA a global leader in climate solutions by 2030.

Headshot of Cheryl

Cheryl Balfour

Public Affairs Manager

My focus is engaging people and organisations who want to accelerate climate solutions, while promoting and raising awareness of the incredible climate initiatives already happening across the state. I work across the WA media scene, including journalists, editors and anyone working to enhance climate initiatives and solutions in WA. This includes government department advisers, corporate groups, academics, researchers, change-makers, innovators, community groups and individuals.

Headshot of Angelica

Angelica Munoz

Research Officer

By working with Clean State, I contribute to building a sustainable WA economy - which gives me an everyday sense of purpose. Plus, community engagement is a pivotal part of developing evidence-based research. Constructive relationships with academics, businesses, and policy makers enables better understanding of our communities’ needs and aspirations on climate change action. I’m specifically interested in the economics of climate change, macroeconomic policy, data mining and statistical analysis.

Headshot of Jordan

Jordan Rowand

Program Coordinator

I primarily work alongside young leaders, schools, youth advocacy organisations, youth advisory boards, peak bodies and policymakers across WA. I'm deeply passionate about the intersection of community, art, climate, social and racial justice, geopolitics, queerness, urban design, and conflict resolution. For me, climate action and community organising always go beyond addressing or acting on a singular issue. It is about working to become a more integrated, inclusive and supportive community. It also means creating avenues for meaningful, and sustained community care.

Headshot of Vivienne

Vivienne Glance

Program Coordinator

I'm interested in taking an integrated look at how transforming our built environments will help us to adapt to the effects of climate change - and how mitigating climate change also helps us to build beautiful places, jobs and communities. I aim to connect with local decision makers, climate conscious companies, business people, researchers, academics, and other committed and knowledgeable community members and groups who align with our values and aims as part of my role as Program Coordinator.

Headshot of Isobel

Isobel Armstrong

Communications Officer

One of the most fundamental challenges of mitigating the climate crisis is connecting lofty international initiatives like the Paris Agreement with grassroots action in the community. This is why I work with Clean State - I aim to harmonise the top-down and bottom-up approaches to clean energy, because both are necessary for genuine structural change. My work with Clean State focuses on strategy, content production, program assistance and research.