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✍️Sign: No government bailouts for fossil gas companies as part of a COVID19 recovery

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced plans to subsidise the fossil gas industry by $52.9 million.

At a time of economic crisis, the public does not support its money being used to subsidise big, multinational gas companies that have for years ripped off Australians and manufacturers by pushing up power prices and not paying their fair share of tax or royalties.

In WA, the oversupply of gas has been a barrier to consumers accessing affordable renewable energy, and it has been a disaster for the climate as growing pollution from the gas industry drives up national emissions.

To make matters worse, the gas industry is the smallest employer of any sector in WA, producing fewer jobs per dollar of investment than any other industry. 

More gas will cost Australians dearly and hold our country back from the opportunities in clean and affordable renewable energy that can underpin a recovery from Covid-19 and set Australia on a clean and competitive path for the jobs and growth of the future.

Sign the petition demanding no government handouts to fossil gas companies as part of the coronavirus recovery effort.

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No government handouts to uneconomic fossil gas companies. 

We support climate action and clean jobs for Western Australia!