Podcast Episode 3: Bright Sparks in Our Energy Transition: Schools, solar & social enterprise, with ClimateClever co-founder Dr Vanessa Rauland

Schools, solar & social enterprise, with ClimateClever co-founder Dr Vanessa Rauland

You might recognise Dr Vanessa Rauland from the recent ABC TV series Fight for Planet A. Vanessa’s the co-founder with Alexander Karan of ClimateClever, one of a growing number of WA social enterprises that are starting to realise some of the enormous opportunities in our energy transition.

The ClimateClever team has nearly doubled in recent months (even during COVID-19), working with an increasing number of schools, their communities and now businesses, to help them reduce emissions, save money and up skill the next generation around regenerative living.

Vanessa’s long-dedicated her days to addressing climate change and increasing awareness about the vast benefits of sustainability. And in the wake of the extraordinary youth-led global climate strikes, it seems fitting that schools would lead the way in the energy and related transitions we so urgently need. Today, Vanessa takes us to one of the WA schools doing just that.

The Clean State WA podcast is produced and hosted by Anthony James, Perth-based creator of The RegenNarration podcast. For more stories of regeneration around WA, Australia and the world, tune into The RegenNarration wherever podcasts are found.

Eden is Lost, by Selfless Orchestra.

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For more on the emerging Perth hub of ‘clean technology’ start-ups, visit PowerLedger and ClearView solar window technology. 

And check out the Clean State WA website, where you’ll see more on the Jobs Plan and how you can get involved.

Including on the Bright Sparks Solar Powered School Program and the energy transition.


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