Podcast Episode 6: The Insulation Revolution: The ‘simple’ social enterprise model inspiring a state, with Stephen King

The ‘simple’ social enterprise model inspiring a state, with Stephen King

Stephen King is the founder, CEO and Head Installer of the Australian Insulation Foundation of WA. While working in his insulation business, Stephen found social housing tenants were desperately in need of insulation, but had no means of getting it. So he set up a charity, added a little premium to his main service, and provided housing insulation for social housing tenants free of charge.

One such resident is Maria Novac – a single mum with a family who unexpectedly found herself in need of social housing, and landed in a neglected hot box. Maria can’t thank Stephen enough for the difference it’s made to their lives. And they’re not alone. And while the flow on benefits are enormous, from health to climate to education and more, perhaps the greatest benefit is what it shows is possible if government were to back in a plan to retrofit all 45,000 social houses in WA in this way. Maria was kind enough to host Stephen and Anthony at her place for this conversation.

The Clean State WA podcast is produced and hosted by Anthony James, Perth-based creator of The RegenNarration podcast. For more stories of regeneration around WA, Australia and the world, tune into The RegenNarration wherever podcasts are found, or at https://www.regennarration.com.

This is the final episode of the Clean State podcast for this year. We’ll be back in 2021 with more stories of West Australians leading the way in building back better from the coronavirus, averting climate catastrophe, and transitioning to a regenerative, fair and prosperous WA. That’s with thanks to our guests, network partner Climactic, and all Clean State supporters. Till then, best wishes for a wonderful festive season, and regenerative new year!


Eden is Lost, by Selfless Orchestra.

Get more:

On Stephen and the Australian Insulation Foundation – http://www.aifwa.org.au/

Watch a one minute video of Stephen at work on the Clean State channel – https://vimeo.com/432373463

On the plan to repower and retrofit WA’s social housing in three years (and to Build 15,000 new, low carbon social housing homes in three years)

And check out the Clean State WA website, where you’ll see more on the Jobs Plan and how you can get involved – https://www.cleanstate.org.au/jobs-plan

And thanks for listening!


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