Podcast Episode 7: AgZero2030: An agriculture-led movement progressing positive action on climate, with Simon Wallwork & Cindy Stevens

Simon Wallwork and Cindy Stevens live with their three kids on a farm in Corrigin, in WA’s wheatbelt. In 2019 they joined a group of other producers to found AgZero2030, an agriculture-led movement progressing positive action on climate. Their goal? That agriculture achieves net zero emissions by 2030, and the drawdown of emissions after that. In other words, that agriculture go from being a key contributor to global warming and its increasingly catastrophic effects, to being a key contributor to reversing it, and regenerating ecosystems and economies everywhere. And they’re finding a way to connect with people and politics across the board, including First Nations knowledge and enterprise, to achieve it.

If you’d like to hear more conversations like this with farmers, pastoralists, First Nations and others across WA, and the wider world, join host Anthony James over on The RegenNarration podcast, wherever podcasts are found, or at https://www.regennarration.com.

Eden is Lost, by Selfless Orchestra.


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