What’s your carbon footprint?

It’s important to note that our personal actions alone aren’t to blame for global waming. 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions over the past two decades are attributable to just 100 fossil fuel producers. We need systemic change at a corporate and government level, but we also need to promote individual actions, the two are not mutually exclusive.

Carbon Positive Australia, a non-profit environment charity, has created a free step-by-step online calculator, that will help you understand your personal carbon footprint, and provides facts, tips and practical steps to reduce your emissions.

“There is the saying that if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together, and tackling climate change is something we should do together. It is not up to one individual, and it certainly isn’t something we can do on our own. We should be empowering and encouraging one another; within our families, in our friendship circles, with our colleagues at work, to make small changes to better this Earth”. – Lauren Purcell, Donor Engagement & Campaign Coordinator for Carbon Positive Australia

How does it work?

Your carbon footprint is calculated retrospectively based on your lifestyle and resource consumption for a specific period. You can calculate your footprint for the past month, 3 months, or year.

You’ll be asked to choose which categories you would like to include in your calculation:

  • Travel (long-distance travel including road, air, rail & ocean)
  • Energy (electricity and other utilities)
  • Water (state water supply)
  • Transport (local travel via vehicles and public transport)
  • Food and Drink (household grocery and dining)
  • By category or diet type (omnivore, pescatarian, vegetarian and vegan)
  • Waste (general waste disposal)

What do you need?

5 to 10 minutes coupled with a drive to better the planet!

What can you do next?

You can offset your footprint by donating to Carbon Positive Australia’s range of native restoration projects.

For more than 20 year’s their projects have restored degraded land across Australia and captured carbon. This means when you offset your footprint with Carbon Positive Australia, you are restoring native landscape and fighting climate change.

It’s time to address climate change face on. Together we take steps to tread more lightly and restore our precious planet.

Ready to calculate your footprint? Click here


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