AMPLIFY: Youth Voices on the Green Future of Work


  • 61% of young people surveyed will only work for an ethical or sustainable organisation
  • Career advice from online, friends and family are all more prevalent than advice from schools/uni’s
  • Young people are learning about climate change primarily from social media and film – more than from schools (noteworthy given the recent WA Parliamentary inquiry into climate change education in schools)
  • 73% of young people surveyed believe the WA government is not doing enough to prepare them for the impacts of climate change
  • Over half say climate change is already impacting them

Over the first half of 2022, Clean State met with youth organisations, unions, advocacy groups, and young leaders to explore what’s currently happening in WA on climate and green jobs.

Additionally, we launched a state-wide survey to gain a wider perspective on what young people in WA think about their futures.

We surveyed almost 100 young people between the ages of 9 – 30 years old. We permitted answers from people over 30 if they were a teacher, parent, guardian or youth worker.

It was conducted online with options for alternative participation, via text, phone call, physical hard paper copy, and face-to-face interview.

This report summarises our findings and outlines the views young people have on green jobs and skills, climate education, and climate resilience in WA!


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