Zine: Securing A Safe Climate Future in WA

This year, Clean State launched a youth project designed to amplify youth climate issues and develop recommendations on the creation of green jobs and skills, climate education, and climate resilience in WA.

As people living in Western Australia – a high polluting state – we have a huge responsibility to change how we’re doing things. WA has so much to offer – the striking land and sea, the wildlife, our work ethic, our art, our ability to innovate. We have an enormous opportunity in WA to transform our economy into one that is driven by clean energy.

We have the sun, wind and technology to become a renewable powerhouse, and importantly… we have a unique opportunity right now to empower our young people through better training, education and skills to deliver that clean future. 

Over the last couple of months, we’ve been meeting with different organisations, policymakers, and young people to talk about what meaningful action on climate change looks like for them and for future generations. Then, working with Propel Youth Arts, we collaborated on a zine in honour of this year’s KickstART festival theme of Booraka Korangan-ak – Courage to Change.

We’re pleased to present our youth climate zine to you online today.

Inside you’ll find information on how you can devote your schooling, uni or career toward a green future, what sorts of green jobs are available to you, ideas from young people on how we can improve on climate education in schools, and some fantastic youth-led climate organisations you can get involved with. We hope you love it!

Psssst… keep an eye out around your neighborhood for the print version!


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